Know the types of dogs

Dogs are classified into 7 groups, each of which has a number of characteristics that distinguish it from others, to which certain breeds of dogs belong, these types can be summarized as follows: [[]

Sports dogs (English: Sporting Group)

Such as the Labrador breed of dogs, which are trained to help hunters capture their bird prey, and some are also trained to swim to capture waterfowl prey, this group of Dogs is characterized by having thick waterproof hair.
Hunting dogs (English: Hound Group)

It is distinguished by its long legs that give it speed in the enemy, a nose with a strong sense of smell that enables it to track prey, Wide Vision, an example of which is the Bloodhound breed.
Working dogs (English: Working Group)

This group includes some of the oldest breeds of dogs, and they have been trained by developing some of their abilities to help humans in many things such as guarding, pulling carts and sleds, and the most prominent characteristics of strength and intelligence, such as the boxer dog breed.
Terrier dogs (English: Terrier Group)

Characterized by short legs, they hunt for rodents and insects in the ground, an example of which is the bull terrier breed.
Toy dogs (English: Toy Group)

They are small-sized dogs, which are taken by humans as a pet, an example of which is the Chihuahua breed.
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