Loyalty and special dogs

Dogs embody the meaning of loyalty. The pets in general give the person who owns and raises them a pleasant feeling, and they give the house joy and happiness, but dogs in particular are characterized by some qualities that the rest of the animals do not have, they are more loyal than all other animals, and there is even a lot of judgment And the proverbs that are said and written about the great loyalty of dogs. Sometimes there are several comparisons between the behavior of some people who did not know what the concept of loyalty means, and how they are characterized by this characteristic, and the behavior of dogs towards their owners, and there are also many stories reported by people about situations that occurred with dog owners, in which these cute animals showed amazing reactions The intensity of loyalty that appears in it. The dog is characterized by sacrificing itself in some situations in order to defend its owner or members of the family that owns it, and dogs do not forget their owner after his death, despite the passage of many years since that event. . Some dogs take the grave of their owner who has passed away as a place for them, and do not leave him as an expression of their love for him, loyalty to his memory, and grief over his separation. Waiting for him as if he never left her, thus dogs embody the meaning of loyalty. Dogs have strength and protection for a dog that gives its owner a feeling of safety and reassurance, because it guards the house from any kind of danger that may be exposed to it, so the thief or criminal cannot enter it, because the dog will not allow a strange man who felt towards him that he threatens the members of the family that owns him with danger to break into the house no matter what. It cost him, even if he could not stop this person, he would alert the family members and those in the vicinity of the presence of danger coming into the house by raising his voice in howling, and protecting his owner on the way from strangers and intrusion of people trying to harm him, and from other animals or dogs that want to approach him or hurt him. If a dog is trained to guard, it is the most secure form of security; Because he will never allow harm to the person or place he is guarding even if he sacrifices himself for it, he is completely willing to do everything in his power and all that he can do to protect this person and this place in every way he can. Dogs also protect children in particular. If the mother is forced to leave the house and leave the child alone and leaves the dog that shares the house with her child, the dog will make every effort to protect the child from falling or harming himself, and from anything that harms him. Dogs represent protection for their owners because they She is strong and loyal and won't let anything bad happen that she can help by not happening. Be honest with dogs and beware of some of them. You can take the dog as your friend, and you can be assured of him because he will not betray you and will not harm you. He will always be a loyal friend. He will defend you as long as he can. Time and you left and you will find it waiting for you when you return. 

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