What is the origin of dogs


Dogs are mammals, which archaeologists and paleontologists believe that their origin is a small animal the size of a weasel, and it lived in parts of Asia about 60 million years ago, and it is called miasis (in English: Miacis), but this species became extinct and some of it evolved 30-40 million year the previous species has evolved into a new one of animals called synodictis (English: Cynodictis), an animal of medium size, with a long body, a long tail and thick hair [.] this offspring has evolved over thousands of years to become a new species known as tomarctus (English: Tomarctus). Considered the ancestors of what are known today as wolves, dogs, and foxes, genetic evidence suggests that the .origin 

How dogs breed

The male knows that the female is ready to mate by smelling her genital organ, if the female accepts it, tilts her tail aside, and this is considered an acceptance message, so the male accepts this message, and responds to it by marrying with the female, to impregnate her.[٢] the gestation period of a female dog ranges from 45 to 55 days, after which the female gives birth to an average of 15 puppies, as it is believed that the relationship is direct between the size of the female and the number of young she gives birth to in one pregnancy, and the small dog is called puppy (in English: Puppy).

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